Hurricane Shelters

When orders to evacuate are given and certain areas are unprepared to provide safe shelter for residents, hurricane shelters are opened as refuges and safe havens for residents. Buildings designated as hurricane shelters are expected to provide the safest and most reliable protection during the passage of tropical storms. What are Hurricane Shelters? Hurricane shelters … Continue reading “Hurricane Shelters”

Tropical Storm Preparation Blogs (Hurricane Guides from Popular Preppers)

Storm Preppers is one of the few tropical storm preparation blogs that aims to prepare people for tropical storms and hurricanes. Admittedly, there aren’t many sites that focus solely on preparing for tropical storms, but there are many prepping sites that offer insightful tropical storm and hurricane preparedness guides. This site sits right in the … Continue reading “Tropical Storm Preparation Blogs (Hurricane Guides from Popular Preppers)”

15 Everyday Items for Tropical Storm Survival

Do you know the basic items needed for tropical storm survival? Could you survive a tropical storm or hurricane with the few items that you have in your home right now? Are you prepared for the next weather system that may come your way? If you live in the hurricane belt, you’ve been here before. … Continue reading “15 Everyday Items for Tropical Storm Survival”

Tropical Storm Definitions and Acronyms

Each year, the Colorado State University (CSU) publishes several hurricane forecasts for the Atlantic basin. Although these forecasts are designed so that anyone can read and interpret, there are some terms and acronyms that may be unfamiliar. As a result, the CSU includes a list of tropical storm definitions and acronyms that are used throughout … Continue reading “Tropical Storm Definitions and Acronyms”

How to Make a 40 Piece First Aid Kit

Every home should have a first aid kit, even if the home is not in an area that is prone to tropical storms or hurricanes. The most basic first aid kit will enable you to deal with health emergencies and injuries and can save your life if you are unable to seek medical attention right … Continue reading “How to Make a 40 Piece First Aid Kit”

Tropical Storm Toolbox

The Tropical Storm Toolbox contains resources that will help you to prepare for expected storms and tropical weather systems. Increase your knowledge of tropical storms with the latest with software, apps and blogs; tropical storm education and research from weather agencies; locations of tropical storm shelters and contact information for storm emergency services. Software, Apps … Continue reading “Tropical Storm Toolbox”