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How to Protect Windows and Doors Against Tropical Storms

Storm Preppers - How to Protect Windows and Doors Against Tropical Storms

Every year, we face extreme weather conditions which include tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, wind, sand and snow storms and many other weather systems. So in order to prepare for them, we have to enhance our security, implement reliable measures and count on them to keep us safe.

And guess what? The time is now. If you want to protect your windows and doors against tropical storms, safeguard your house, your family, and yourself, this article is for you.

Read on to know more!

How to Protect Windows and Doors Against Tropical Storms

Doors and windows are prone to all types damage during extreme weather conditions. It is very possible that your doors and windows may be severely damaged if flying debris strikes them at a pretty high speed or velocity. Because these are also the openings to your home, there is also another threat to be weary of. Water. Water can enter your home, and effectively damage your interior. In some areas, water is strong enough to misplace structures from their foundations. All of these examples can leave you with an extensive list of repairs and hefty repair bills in the aftermath.

Given the risks that windows and doors face, it is time to make sure that they are secure. Here are some actionable tips for how to protect your windows and doors against tropical storms.

1. Inspect Windows And Doors

Now that storm season is approaching; it is time to get back to the inspection business. You have to go through every door and window and ensure that they are in good condition. In some cases you may have to call in an expert for assistance. He is more likely to point out all the minor problems and help you fix them.

If you find any doors and windows that weak, reinforce them as soon as possible. Or,  if you feel the need to install a new door or window, do it in due time. You would possibly want to cover all the preventive measures, and not have to spend thousands of dollars fixing your doors and windows in the aftermath.

2. Repair Faults And Cracks

If you discover any faults and cracks in the inspection process, get them fixed right away. Faults and cracks can lead to bigger problems if they are not rectified. Remember, the clock is ticking, and you cannot afford to waste time as this concerns the safety of you and your family.

3. Install Storm Shutters

Another effective measure is to install storm shutters. One type of storm shutter that is extremely effective is the roll-down shutter. This shutter is permanently installed on the outer side of your window and provides a protective seal that cannot be breached. This shutter will act as the primary line of defense, and you can quickly drop it down whenever a storm is coming your way.

Roll-down shutters are often fabricated with translucent fabrics, but when shopping around, look for shutters made of reinforced fabrics, aluminum foam, or aluminum. These are more effective, durable and proper safety measures.

4. Purchase And Install Impact Windows And Doors

If you are troubled by the safety measures and would like to complete them in one go, you can install impact doors and windows.

These windows and doors are built to withstand the elements and thus have great damage-resisting properties. in fact, impact windows and doors are an excellent choice for storm security upgrades. Impact windows and doors are made with laminated glass which has a pretty high impact-resisting ability and super-duty frames that do not allow the glass to shatter.

Impact windows and doors have been proven to survive harsh weather and flying debris easily.

5. Apply Impact-Resistant Window Film

A storm can cause severe damage to your windows and doors with glass panes. Both windows and doors are the entry points to your home and they uplift the overall appearance of your house. So, it is essential to spend time safeguarding them.

When it comes to securing your windows from storms, installing a security film is one of the best methods you can apply. These films are formulated using a malleable Mylar coat, which is applied to the interior of your windows, and thus protects your windows from any sort of flying debris.

Even if the panes of the window sustain cracks, the film will keep the pieces of glass together and thus prevent the pieces from falling inwards.

There are other benefits of installing a security film as well. For instance, if you choose a tinted or a shaded film, not only can it block the sun’s UV rays, but it also maximizes your privacy.

6. Retrofit With Laminated Security Glass

There are plenty of tips that can to help to your doors and windows survive hurricanes, storms, and other extreme weather conditions. And one of those measures is to retrofit all your doors and windows with laminated security glass.

This glass has numerous layers, and it also features an interlayer of formidable thermoplastic. This layer makes the glass a hundred times stiffer and five times more potent than any conventional safety glass.

This robust security glass can face severe impacts head-on but will retain its strength in no time. This solid glass does not shatter, making it a safe pick for all sorts of security upgrades.

7. Use Hurricane Fabric

When it comes to enhancing protection from storm seasons, hurricane fabric is one of the best ways to deal with storms.

Hurricane fabric is the same fabric that is used in trampolines. The hurricane fabric is very stretchy, and you know how it works if you have ever used a trampoline before.

It works incredibly well in protecting your windows and doors, as it bounces back every debris that strikes this fabric. However, there is a significant drawback to this, and that is the bounced back debris could strike on other’s property and lay some severe damage.

8. Install Solid Wooden Doors

While investing, if you find your doors to be weak and unable to withstand a tropical storm, you may get them repaired. In such cases, consult your expert, and he will assist you with the steps involved in this.

If he suggests you install a new door, do it. Make sure the door you pick is made of solid wood and is pretty thick. If you choose a door with glass, you should install impact resistant films or fabrics to it. However, it’s recommended that you install a new solid wooden door before this season of storms appears.

9. Remove Debris From The Property

Protecting your doors and windows from flying debris is very important. They can ruin your lovely doors and windows in a matter of seconds.

Clearing debris around your property is just as important as securing your doors and windows. It does not matter how many preventive measures you have implemented, but do consider clearing your belongings from the property.

If you have a camping bed, a trampoline, or anything back in the yard, consider storing them in a safe place like the storeroom or garage. You would not love to see your belongings flying through the air in a brisk wind. And after catching up the wind, these items can become dangerous projectiles that can injure people or severely damage your home and your neighbours’ homes.

10. Board Up With Thick Plywood

When you have a storm approaching, boarding up your doors and windows with thick plywood helps greatly. It is one of the cheapest solutions to safeguarding your house from an upcoming storm. However, it is a cheap solution but involves a lot of work.

So, if you are boarding up your doors and windows, you need to stock up enough plywood. It is also a fact that you need to anticipate the storm’s arrival and start working on it. And installing plywood on doors and windows is not an easy task!

To secure the plywood in place, you can use screws, anchors, or expansion bolts, depending on where you install it.

Note – you will get the best results if you secure the plywood to the wall. Cheaper grades of plywood can protect your doors and windows; however not an efficient method.


Now that you have learned of many effective ways to secure the doors and windows of your house, it is time to get started.

However, before you consider doing any of the previous tips to protect windows and doors against tropical storms, get in touch with a professional who will guide you through the process.

Good luck!

How to Protect Windows and Doors Against Tropical Storms

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