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South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week Encourages Early Preparations

Storm Preppers - South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division along with its partners – the National Weather Service and the State Emergency Response Team are urging all residents of South Carolina to be ready for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season. This urgent call for readiness was made during the South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week which was held from May 24 to June 04.

South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week

This year’s theme “Know Your Zone, Prepare Your Home, Remember Your Route”, was a direct call to individuals, businesses, and communities in the state, to put plans in place to deal with the upcoming hurricane season. Each of the three phrases which make up the theme, are necessary actions that everyone should be aware of.

  1. Know Your Zone: The state of South Carolina issues hurricane evacuations by zones. Residents should know their zone in the event of an evacuation.
  2. Prepare Your Home: Check all aspects of your home to ensure that it can withstand a hurricane, and double check which damages your home insurance policies cover
  3. Remember Your Route: Learn your closest evacuation route out of the hurricane’s path without the help of GPS or other electronic maps.

Tropical Storm Threats Affect the Entire State

South Carolina has six coastal counties and twenty-one inland counties. All areas in all counties of South Carolina (both coastal and inland areas) are prone to impacts by tropical storms and hurricanes. The severity of impacts may increase during peak tourist seasons and low coast elevations.

Threats such as storm surge, flooding, high winds and tornadoes can cause severe damage to lives, property and infrastructure. As a result, all South Carolinians were reminded to spend time reviewing emergency plans, creating disaster kits, and sensitizing family member about what could happen before, during, and after a hurricane.


What is South Carolina Hurricane Preparation Week?
South Carolina Hurricane Preparation Week is a campaign by the South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD). It aims to raise awareness and encourage preparation for the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season.

What are some of the recent storms that hit South Carolina?
Recent storms that impacted South Carolina include Hurricane Matthew in 2016; Hurricane Irma in 2017; Hurricane Florence in 2018; and Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

Where can I find a South Carolina hurricane guide?
An online hurricane guide for South Carolina is available at South Caroline Hurricane Guide. The guide was created by the South Carolina Emergency Management Division.

Source: South Carolina Hurricane Prep Week (SCEMD)

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