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Tropical Storm Preparation Blogs

Storm Preppers - Best Tropical Storm Preparation Blogs - Updated

Storm Preppers is one of the few tropical storm preparation blogs that aims to prepare people for tropical storms and hurricanes. Admittedly, there aren’t many sites that focus solely on preparing for tropical storms, but there are many prepping sites that offer insightful tropical storm and hurricane preparedness guides. This site sits right in the midst of survival preppers, doomsday preppers and survivalist websites, but its focus is a bit narrower.

Storm Preppers

I’ve been hearing about survival preppers and survivalists for the past few years and I never thought that I would be considered one of these blogs. I grew up in an area of the world that was always in the tropical weather hot seat and in the direct path of one storm or the other. I knew that every year for at least six months, the African coast was one to be monitored closely and consistently. And I also knew the importance of being prepared for whatever weather system that came our way.

Storm Preppers began as contribution to the climate change and disaster preparedness debates that have now become a mainstay in the tropical weather discussion. In the last few years, there has been increased interest and scrutiny of the relationship between climate change and weather and the resulting disasters. In 2014, I wrote a paper for a country conference on the topic Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation in the Caribbean. This was the first activity that defined my interest in disaster preparedness and dealing with the aftermath of disasters.

Survivalist and Prepper Sites

Even if you don’t believe in all of the possibilities that some of the prepper sites prepare for, you have to admit that you can learn a lot from them. This is one area where innovation and ingenuity are encouraged and welcomed with open arms. From their disaster preparation techniques, to the products that are created, the amount of information that is available is impressive and necessary.

Because survival at all costs is a must, much inspiration and motivation can be gleaned from disaster prepper blogs. You never know if you’re going to be in a situation where some of these tips will save your life. These sites often go beyond the basic first aid kit and water storage tips, but you are free to determine how much you really need in relation to exactly what disaster you are preparing for.

Tropical Storm Preparation Blogs

Being prepared ahead of time is the least you could do with any impending storm or hurricane. As a result, I’m highlighting the top storm preparation blogs from the best prepper websites on the internet. I’ve read all of these articles and I believe that the advice is top notch and worthy of being mentioned and shared.

1. The Ultimate Hurricane Survival List (Prep For That)

This guide from Prep for That takes you through all that you need to know about hurricanes and hurricane preparedness. Key takeaways include:

  • an explanation of what can be expected during and after a hurricane;
  • the importance of adhering to mandatory evacuation notices;
  • putting your property in hurricane mode;
  • how to stay safe during the hurricane and
  • how to create an itemised prepper hurricane supply list.

2. How to Prepare For and Survive Hurricanes (The Prepared)

This one of the best tropical storm preparation blogs that you will ever find, simply because of the depth of information covered using both text and video. The Prepared offers several valuable blogs that:

  • break down how to prepare for a hurricane that is days away and a few hours away;
  • outline the various hurricane risks and situations they may arise;
  • share tips on storing hurricane supplies;
  • offer suggestions for preparing your home in advance of the weather event
  • imparting critical advice about what you should do after the storm.

3. Hurricane Survival Guide (The Prepper Journal)

The hurricane survival guide that I found on the Prepper Journal caught my eye because it uses Hurricane Katrina as a meaningful example of the worst that could happen if a hurricane hits your area. It looks at the age old question of whether you should evacuate or stay in your home and how you should assess your options. To provide some idea of what you could expect, if you decide to stay in your home, the blog examines hurricane strength classifications based on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale and the conditions you should expect.

4. Getting Ready for a Hurricane (The Organic Prepper)

How do you get ready for a hurricane? This guide from the Organic Prepper takes you through a structured action plan which you can follow. It also explains that you a storm is on its way, you should focus on:

  • increasing your water supply;
  • establishing a reliable communication method so that you can receive essential information;
  • acquiring sanitation supplies for hygiene purposes;
  • preparing backup lighting in the event of a power outage;
  • finalising alternative methods to cook and prepare meals;
  • preparing food supplies that are easy to cook and van last up to a month;
  • stocking up on disposable cutlery, especially with the possibility of water outages;
  • stockpiling tools and special supplies that may be useful
  • keeping an emergency supply of special needs items.

5. Hurricane Preparedness (Happy Preppers)

“The best way for how to prepare for hurricane season is to be self-sufficient and plan ahead.” This hurricane preparedness guide by Happy Preppers stands true to this quote by giving you all of the tools needed to be prepared for a hurricane. It is a detailed guide that provides helpful steps on:

  • how to survive a hurricane;
  • how to prepare for a hurricane;
  • what you should do during a hurricane watch;
  • what you should do during a hurricane warning
  • what to do after the hurricane;

It also provides a list of items that should be in a hurricane survival kit and explains the hurricane rating system.

6. How Preppers Prepare for Hurricanes (Graywolf Survival)

This is one of my favourite tropical storm preparedness blogs because it takes you into the mind of a prepper. The best prepared prepper thrives on being proactive; getting ready for disasters before they happen; and considers the various situations that could unfold. When preparing for a storm or hurricane, Graywolf Survival considers four basic time periods:

  • before the storm forms;
  • when a hurricane is likely to impact you;
  • during the storm;
  • the aftermath of the storm.

One important point made was that the best time to prepare is when there is no immediate threat and when most of your prepping activities should take place. You should print this article, bookmark it and share it with everyone you know.

7. How To Survive A Hurricane (Survivorpedia)

In my mind, there is never a hurricane season that can be taken lightly. All it takes is one storm to turn a neighbourhood, town, state or country upside down and cause damage that can never be forgotten. Survivorpedia reminds readers of the effects of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. These reminders set the tone for a timely article that looks at the difficulties of riding out a hurricane and surviving the aftermath. It’s great food for thought and encourages readers to be more proactive and involved in taking care of themselves. These hurricanes are lasting examples of how being prepared is first and foremost your responsibility.

8. Hurricane Preparedness (Offgrid Survival)

As mentioned throughout this article, the best tropical storm preparation blogs give you the information that you need to be prepared for any tropical weather event. Off Grid Survival reinforces the point that if you live in a hurricane zone, you should be aware of the dangers that you may face. This is even more important if you refuse to evacuate even after orders have been issued. The blog reviews:

  • hurricane classifications and damage estimates;
  • identifies hurricane supplies that you should stock up on;
  • provides tips to survive a hurricane;
  • looks at the post-hurricane dangers that can literally kill you.

This blog also reminds us that tropical storms and hurricanes should be taken seriously at every stage.

9. How to Prep for and Survive a Hurricane (The Survivalist Blog)

Before reading this blog from  The Survivalist Blog, I had never once considered the hurricane season as one of the most consistent seasons that exists. For as far back as hurricanes have been recorded, there has always been “havoc, death and destruction” from the Caribbean to the coastal United States. This blog urges readers to:

  • develop an understanding of hurricanes and what they can do by mentioning the various classes of hurricanes;
  • be aware of the destructive effects of hurricanes;
  • analyse examples of particularly destructive storms;
  • learn how to prepare for a storm, survive a storm and cope with the aftermath of a storm.

10. Tropical Cyclones What, Where, When And Actions To Take (Prepper Bits)

I would recommend this article from Prepper Bits to anyone who has to explain to their young children or family member what a hurricane is and what it is capable of. This storm preparation blog uses the term “tropical cyclones”, but it explains that this term is another name for typhoon and hurricane. It further:

  • defines what a tropical cyclone is;
  • identifies the areas where they occur;
  • explains the effects of a tropical cyclone;
  • outlines actions one should take when a tropical cyclone is on its way
  • explains what you should do if you live in a tropical cyclone prone area.

These storm preparation blogs all have a common theme that hinges on the importance of being prepared. They have realised that because storms are so unpredictable and the impacts are wide reaching, making time to prepare for whatever may come is mandatory. If you live in an area that can be impacted by tropical weather systems, take heed and follow the advice of these blogs. It’s better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

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