Storm Preppers - Tropical Storm Toolbox - Updated

Tropical Storm Toolbox

The Tropical Storm Toolbox contains resources that will help you to prepare for expected storms and tropical weather systems. Increase your knowledge of tropical storms with the latest with software, apps and blogs; tropical storm education and research from weather agencies; locations of tropical storm shelters and contact information for storm emergency services.

Software, Apps & Blogs: Track the latest storm information with your fingers. We link you to the best apps, blogs and websites that are dedicated to tropical weather and tropical storm systems.

Tropical Storm Agencies: Get in contact with agencies that are dedicated to providing accurate tropical storm education. You will also learn about past, present and future research on tropical weather. Connect with active industry bodies and councils; study the latest case studies about tropical weather and read up on new themes and discoveries in meteorological research.

Tropical Storm Shelters: Where will you go during the storm? The buildings that have been designated as tropical storm shelters must meet strict requirements. If you believe that your home is not strong enough to withstand the storm, look for storm shelters in your area. This list has been updated to include Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and the Caribbean.

Storm Emergency Services: Do you know who to call for assistance? Look for the storm emergency services available in your area. Don’t wait until the storm is approaching – start your search now.

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