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Hey there! I’m Melissa Williams (pen name), a tropical storm tracker and the founder of the Storm Preppers blog. I’m glad that you decided to pass through my internet neighbourhood to see what this blog is all about. After I witnessed the devastation of tropical storms first-hand, I decided to share my knowledge and help my neighbours prepare for these disasters. My academic background is more business oriented and I do not have any STEM qualifications. However, I have a love for research and a passion for learning as much as I can about tropical storms and hurricanes.

About Storm Preppers

Storm Preppers is a blog that is devoted to tropical storm preparedness for readers who want to prepare for tropical weather. The blog was officially started in 2018 and aims to provide information for anyone who lives in the path of tropical storms and hurricanes. This journey has revealed that there are several steps that we can take to improve our disaster resilience. Many of us around the globe are on this same journey to lessen the impact of natural disasters on our lives.

Site Content

The site details case studies from previous hurricanes; reviews of products and services; courses, seminars and other educational events; and general interest content. These are examples of carefully curated content which offers the best value to readers. If you’re following Storm Preppers on Pinterest and Instagram, you will also benefit from the knowledge-rich snippets of information.

To be honest, the site sits in the middle of several important niches. It can be classified as a prepper blog; a survivalist website; a disaster management journal; a weather resource; or even a climate change blog. I embrace all of these titles because it means that anyone who’s looking for information on any of these topics, will find what they’re looking for on Storm Preppers. That’s why it’s important for me to share thoroughly researched facts that anybody can use.

Start Here

If this is your first time here, be sure to check out the Welcome to Storm Preppers post. It was the very first post on this site, and it set a high standard for the content on this site. You should also check out the Tropical Storm Resources post, because it is like a tropical storm directory that links you to almost any topic about storms, hurricanes and tropical weather.

Thank you for checking in on the blog and I value your readership. If you want to send me a message, please use the contact form or hit me up on Instagram.