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BMS Warns of Above Average Hurricane Season

Storm Preppers - BMS Warns of Above Average Hurricane Season

The Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) has warned Barbadians of more heat and an above average hurricane season in 2024. In recent weeks, the island has been seeing an uptick in temperatures, some of which have been record breaking for this time of the year. Additionally, there are already signs that the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season will be active.

Mr. Sabu Best, Director of the BMS, issued these warnings during the Public Information and Education Standing Committee meeting. The meeting was recently held at the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) office. He also stressed that residents should not focus on the exact number of systems, but instead should work towards putting precautions in place.

He also advised that similarly to 2023, there will be occurrences of “short intense isolated heavy downpours”. These downpours are often classified as “isolated rapid onset events” which means that watches and warnings will be issued at short notice. Over the years, the BMS and the DEM have embarked on programs that encourage residents to be on alert at all times.

Mr. Best noted that many hurricane prediction centres have not issued their 2024 projections as yet. However, there is early evidence that the season will be above average. Two of the key drivers behind this prediction are rising sea surface temperatures and excess heat. Barbados’ heat records over the last ten years revealed that current temperatures, especially in January and February 2024, were above the average.

The director also urged farmers to plan for the warm months ahead. He said that there is a possibility that there may be water shortages and vegetation might not have enough water. Additionally, he believes that the current El Nino could to lead towards La Nina as the hurricane season approaches.

Source: Brace For Active Hurricane Season & More Heat (Barbados Government Information Service)

Image: C. Pitt/ Barbados Government Information Service

Storm Preppers - Pinterest - BMS Warns of Above Average Hurricane Season

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