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Flood Safety Preparedness Week Begins in Georgia

Storm Preppers - Flood Safety Preparedness Week Begins in Georgia

During Flood Safety Preparedness Week, Georgians are being encouraged to act now and prepare for flooding. The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, in partnership with the National Weather Service are recognizing 11 – 15 March as Flood Safety Preparedness Week.

The focus on flood safety is necessary for the state and other locations in the Atlantic hurricane belt. Georgia has had over 780 flood reports which total $12.8 million dollars in damage. Additionally, over the last five years, there have been nine billion-dollar flood events throughout the United States.

Flood Safety Preparedness Week is an important even that highlights flood risks in the state. It is also an opportunity for residents to learn. Each day during the week, a helpful preparedness tip will be shared to inform Georgia residents on the various flooding hazards, how they can keep themselves safe and how they can prepare.

Flood Safety Preparedness Week

During this week, Georgia residents will learn how to prepare for floods:

Monday, 11 March: Flood Safety, Preparedness, and Awareness: Learn how to make a plan, build an emergency kit, and coordinate with your household and neighborhood to be ready for the next flood.

Tuesday, March 12 – Turn Around, Don’t Drown: Do not drive through floodwaters. You can never be sure how high the water is. Two feet of moving water can carry away your vehicle.

Wednesday, March 13 – Flood Hazards: Do not enter flood waters. Flood water could contain harmful bacteria and may also be electrically charged because of downed wires. If your car is caught in rapidly rising waters, get out as quickly as possible and move to higher ground.

Thursday, March 14 – NWS Water Resources and Services: The National Weather Service (NWS) is a useful resource that you can use to prepare for the next flood disaster. They monitor weather and climate, issue outlooks and related decision support services.

Friday, March 15 – Partners and Partner Services: Learn who you can turn to before, during and after a natural disaster. Check your home insurance to see if there is a clause that covers flood insurance. You should also learn more about the National Flood Insurance Program and how you can benefit.

If you live in Georgia and you want to learn more about preparing for disasters, visit the Ready Georgia guide.

Source: Flood Safety Preparedness Week Begins March 11 (Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency)

Image: Department of Homeland Security

Storm Preppers - Pinterest - Flood Safety Preparedness Week Begins in Georgia

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