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GEMA/HS Receives FEMA Grant To Assist In Local County Recovery

Storm Preppers - GEMAHS Receives FEMA Grant

The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) received a FEMA grant to assist in the recovery of a local county. The agency received a $3,879,505.75 hazard grant to help Fayette County with repairs caused by Hurricane Michael. The funds will also assist with preparations for future emergencies.

This grant will be used to fund the Longview Dam (Margaret Phillips Lake Dam) and Kozisek Dam in Fayette County. The project will include evaluation, design, permitting and construction to make the dams compliant with the Georgia Safe Dams Act of 1978. This will also eliminate flooding hazards for properties that are downstream of the dams.

FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program provides funds to state agencies and local governments. Eligible projects are those that reduce or eliminate risks to life and property as a result of natural hazards. To be eligible for an HMGP grant, applicants must be either public agencies or private non-profits that provide essential services to the general public. For more details about the program visit Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

When a disaster is declared, the HMGP provides grants for the implantation of long-term hazard mitigation measures. To further qualify for the grant, the GEMA/HS had to conduct reviews, prioritize needs and provide a funding recommendation of eligible projects to FEMA.

About the GEMA/HS

The GEMA/ HS is a part of the office of the Governor. It collaborates with all levels of government, private sector and non-governmental agencies to prepare for and protect against man-made and natural emergencies. The agency’s website Ready Georgia provides readiness information for Georgia residents, so that they can prepare for disasters. Residents of the state should become familiar with the site. They should the steps to create a custom emergency plan and Ready Kit.

Source: GEMA/HS Awarded FEMA Grant To Assist In Local County Recovery (Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency)

Image: City of Fayetteville

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