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10 Best Umbrellas for Heavy Rains and Gusty Winds

Storm Preppers - 10 Best Umbrellas for Heavy Rains and Gusty Winds

I always keep a compact umbrella in my handbag and one of those large umbrellas for heavy rains in my car. Living in the Caribbean has shown me that a rain shower can pop up without warning. If you’re caught outside without an umbrella and the rain starts to fall, you will be soaked from head to toe.

Another consideration when you’re talking about umbrellas is the wind. If you have an umbrella and a strong gust of wind gets a hold of it, you will also get soaked. If the umbrella is flimsy, there is a good chance that the rain will turn it inside out. That’s why buying an umbrella that can do double duty by keeping you dry and resisting the wind is necessary.

When shopping for waterproof and windproof umbrellas, there are a few features that you should check for:

  • Waterproof: Made with high quality, waterproof fabrics
  • Windproof: Defies strong and gusty winds
  • Flip Technology: Strong hinges that will not break
  • Frame Technology: A strong frame that creates stability

The umbrellas in this list are some of the best umbrellas for heavy rains and gusty winds. They have many of the features described above, and they satisfy all price points.

1. Blunt Metro Travel Umbrella

The Blunt Metro Travel umbrella has many characteristics that make it a top rated umbrella. It has a Radial Tensioning System which gives added stability that allows the umbrella to stand up in strong winds and heavy rain. The canopy is made from the quick dry pongee fabric and has a UV protective coating. Additional features of the machine include an easy to hold handle and a fluid push/pull runner system. Buy your Blunt Metro Travel umbrella here.

2. GustBuster Classic Automatic Folding & Windproof Umbrella

The GustBuster Classic is a 48 inch automatic golf umbrellas that is one of the best umbrellas for heavy rains and gusty winds. Touted as “the smartest umbrella” you will ever own, the GustBuster has patented technology that makes it one of the strongest umbrellas on the market. Its wind-defying construction prevents the umbrella from  flipping over in strong winds, and the double canopy design can withstand winds up to 55mph. Buy your GustBuster umbrella from Amazon.

3. Samsonite Windguard Auto Open Umbrella

Samsonite is a trusted luggage brand that’s known for durability and quality. That’s why the Samsonite Windguard Auto Open umbrella is one of the best umbrellas on the market. It has both of these qualities and its Teflon coated wind-guard canopy can handle heavy rain and strong winds. At 48 inches when opened up, and 17 inches when folded, this product reps the Samsonite brand name on the handle. Shop for your Samsonite umbrella here.

4. Sharpty Inverted Windproof Umbrella

Rainy days will never be gloomy with the colourful Sharpty Inverted umbrella. With twenty-five different colours and designs, it is built with a sturdy carbon fiber frame that makes it even more durabale and versatile. One of the exciting features of this umbrella is its inverted design which makes it easy to get into and out of the car. When you shop Amazon and purchase the Sharpty you’re getting a windproof and waterproof product that can withstand 60 mph winds.

5. Repel Double Vented Windproof Travel Umbrella

The Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella is one of the top umbrellas for heavy rains and gloomy weather. It is a highly-rated product with a slew of valuable features that make it a great buy. The one-button auto-open and close makes it easy to open or close the umbrella quickly. Also, the double-vented 9-rib canopy defies strong gusts of wind but still allows wind to pass through. You can buy this umbrella knowing that is been tested in rain, sun, snow and sleet, to ensure that the product is of a high standard.

6. G4Free Oversize Waterproof and Windproof Vented Umbrella

Although it’s marketed as a golf umbrella, the G4Free is big and beautiful and can be used by anyone. It comes in three sizes – 54 inch, 62 inch and 68 inch and the canopy offers protection from the rain, the sun and hail. With an all black design, the G4Free is a sleek companion that is easy to hold and easy to open and close. It has a double canopy on top of a fiberglass frame which repels wind, but allows it to pass through. The G4Free is available on Amazon.

7. Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

If you purchase the red Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella from Amazon, you will be the talk of the town. This stylish umbrella may be nice to look at, but it is a sturdy piece. Some of its features are a windproof design, automatic open and close; fail-safe flip technology; an ergonomic rubberized handle and a large coverage area. Although the Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella has a collapsible shaft which folds to 12 inches, the canopy can open up to 42 inches.

8. Collar and Cuffs London StormDefender City Umbrella

Collar and Cuffs London has an excellent reputation for quality products that are durable. The retailer has taken its experience with rainy weather in the United Kingdom and created an umbrella that can stand up to severe weather. The StormDefender is huge with a 53 inch vented canopy when open. The umbrella, which is available on Amazon, also has a strong fiberglass shaft; an automatic open button feature; a traditional solid wood hook handle; and two straps and a slip cover for storage.

9. Totes Titan Compact Travel Umbrella

The Totes Titan Compact Travel Umbrella is a beautiful, lightweight umbrella that is useful on rainy and windy days. Its smart design with the characteristics that are beloved features of the Totes brand. Available in a variety of shades and prints, the Totes Titan will not flip up in high winds. In fact, the umbrella can withstand gusts up to 70mph! Another feature of the umbrella is the Totescoat application which repels water on the canopy. Click here to buy your Totes Titan.

10. Strombergbrand Vented Tornado Windproof Umbrella

The Strombergbrand Umbrella is a vented, windproof and waterproof umbrella for both men and women. It’s noted as a PGA professional quality umbrella, but it can be used for other purposes. Classified as an extra-large, oversize umbrella because of its 64 inch arc, the Strombergbrand can shelter two or three people with ease. The large canopy is made with Pongee Polyester fabric and vented to allow the wind to pass through. It’s one of the best umbrellas for heavy rains and gusty winds. Buy your Strombergbrand here.

Image: Photo by Aline Nadai from Pexels

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