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100+ Climate Change and Weather Websites

Storm Preppers - Climate Change and Weather Websites

Weather is a fascinating topic that can bring sheer joy or absolute terror. It’s not limited to any geographic location and anyone, anywhere in the world can experience the sheer power of mother nature. We are taught about basic weather concepts at school, but unless further studies in geography, meteorology or a related field are pursued, the intricacies of weather are lost.

However, there are many weather websites that share valuable information about weather and climate change. Weather websites are useful because they share the latest news, research and development, weather software, satellite imagery, weather analyses, historic and real-time statistics, temperature and precipitation data and trend analyses over time.

There are over 100 entries in this list of weather websites in several categories such as general weather, tropical weather, weather forecasting, live weather webcams, news weather blogs, weather apps; weather tracking and technology; wind, rain and temperature apps; tornadoes; climate change; and hurricane and tropical storm preparation.

These are some of the weather websites that I refer to on a regular basis to find current weather. I’ve noticed that these sites have many features are always improving their products and services for users.

General Weather Websites

  1. National Weather Service: Provides weather, water and climate data, forecasts and warnings
  2. AccuWeather: Provides weather forecasts and warnings
  3. National Hurricane Center: Weather analyses, forecasts, research and educational resources
  4. Met Office: Weather forecasts for the United Kingdom
  5. The Weather Channel: Weather forecasts, air quality and current news
  6. Weather Bug: Latest weather news, outlooks and radar tracking
  7. Weather Spark: Weather and climate reports for locations anywhere on earth
  8. Weatherboy: Connects readers to the wonderful world of weather
  9. World Meteorological Organization: Trustworthy world weather information service
  10. Weather Underground: The internet’s first weather service that shares quality weather information

Tropical Weather Blogs

  1. Tropical Atlantic Update: Up to date summaries of tropical Atlantic activity
  2. Tropical Tidbits: Real-time weather data visualisations and resources
  3. Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies: Tropical weather blog by the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  4. Central Florida Hurricane Center: Weather tracking site that focuses on east central Florida and the wider Atlantic hurricane basin
  5. Texas Hurricane: Severe weather tracking and analysis
  6. West Central Florida Hurricane and Severe Weather: Expert hurricane and severe weather forecasts
  7. Brohav Weather Fax: Tracks Barbados and eastern Caribbean weather
  8. Hurricane Track: Tropical storm live streaming and monitoring
  9. Hurricane: Hurricane advisory and information
  10. Hurricane Zone: Covers tropical weather in the oceans around the world
  11. Storm Carib: Live tropical weather updates from the Caribbean islands
  12. Hurricane City: Tropical activity predictions and tracking
  13. Track the Tropics: Tracks tropical weather during the Atlantic hurricane season
  14. Tropical Atlantic: Delivers weather content via reconnaissance and modelling
  15. Gulf Coast Storm Center: Weather updates, news, and analysis for the United States Gulf Coast

Weather Forecasting Websites

  1. National Hurricane Centre: Forecasts and analyses tropical weather
  2. Weather Prediction Center: Delivers responsive, accurate, and reliable forecasts and analyses
  3. Sat24: Infrared satellite images
  4. Weather Intelligence: Provides meaningful weather intelligence solutions
  5. Dark Sky: Localised weather information and forecasts
  6. Weather.Org: General weather and tropical storm forecasts
  7. Colorado State Tropical Weather & Climate Research: Forecasting and weather research by the University of Colorado
  8. WeatherBELL Analytics: Industry-specific weather data and forecasting
  9. University of Arizona, Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences: Forecasting and weather research
  10. The Weather Network: Delivers weather information on various platforms

Live Weather Webcams

  1. Windy: Live weather webcams and wind forecasts
  2. Mount Washington Observatory: Live views of Mount Washington
  3. IWCP: Live cameras in Barbados
  4. UK Weather Cams: UK based live weather stations and webcams
  5. Weather USA: Live weather webcams in the United States
  6. Federal Aviation Administration: Updated images and weather cams
  7. Weather Geek NV: Webcams in New Zealand
  8. Chicago Webcams: Weather cams in Chicago
  9. EarthCam: Live streaming webcams all over the world
  10. Orlando Weather Cameras: Weather cams in Orlando, Florida

News Weather Blogs

  1. Capital Weather Gang (The Washington Post): Weather forecasts and updates
  2. WYFF South Carolina: Extended forecasts, delays and maps
  3. The Baltimore Sun Weather: Weather forecasts and news
  4. WLOX Mississippi: Weather alerts and a hurricane center
  5. Miami Herald Weather: Weather news and forecasts
  6. 11 Alive Storm Trackers: Tracks severe storms in Georgia and neighbouring areas
  7. CNN Storm Tracker: Latest forecasts and weather news
  8. WSVN Miami: Weather forecasts, models and hurricane tips
  9. WBRZ Louisiana: Weather news, forecasts, severe weather safety tips
  10. CBS Austin: Weather alerts, maps and a hurricane center

Weather Apps

  1. Weather: Free app for current weather, forecasts, rain and radar.
  2. Clime Radar: Weather tracker with real-time radar
  3. Flowx: Weather map forecasts and simulation data
  4. Weather by Weather Bug: Weather app with Doppler radar for North America
  5. Weather on the Way: Travel weather app with radar, alerts and advisories
  6. Overdrop Weather: Detailed weather forecasts and weather widgets
  7. Yahoo Weather App: Interactive radar, time of day weather and maps
  8. Carrot Weather: Unique weather app that provides weather data
  9. Weather Up: Forecasts with live weather updates
  10. Weather Live: Current weather conditions and extended forecasts

Weather Tracking and Technology

  1. Earth Networks: Helps organisations to mitigate weather-related risks
  2. Open Weather Map: Current weather data, forecasts and alerts
  3. Baron Weather: Provides critical weather intelligence
  4. Perry Weather: Emergency weather systems and real-time data
  5. Weather Stem: Smart weather technology
  6. Storm Pulse: Professional weather tracking software
  7. Tomorrow: Provides actionable weather insights
  8. Weather Nerds: Weather imagery, models and forecasts
  9. Mike’s Weather Page: Weather graphics and models
  10. StormGeo: Weather intelligence and advanced analytics
  11. WeatherWorks: Timely, accurate and dependable meteorological services
  12. Weather Modification Incorporated: Provides knowledge, data and equipment for weather programs

Wind, Rain, and Temperature Maps

  1. Ventusky: Live wind, rain, and temperature maps
  2. Windy: Wind maps and weather forecasts
  3. Earth by Null School: Global map of wind, weather and ocean conditions
  4. Open Weather: Interactive weather maps
  5. Meteo Blue: Professional weather maps
  6. World Weather Online Map: Interactive world weather map
  7. NWS National Forecast Maps: Wind speed and wind direction maps
  8. Wind Finder: Wind maps, wind forecasts and weather reports
  9. Wundermap: Interactive weather map and radar
  10. NOAA Climate: Climate maps and data

Tornado Websites

  1. Tornado Extreme: Facts, information, and stories about tornadoes
  2. US Tornadoes: Provides information about tornadoes in the United States
  3. Tornado HQ: Live updates on tornadoes and severe weather warnings
  4. The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation: Specialises in researchingsevere weather in Britain and Ireland
  5. Tornado Talk: Information site devoted to tornado history and research
  6. Tornado Trackers: Blog by three friends who share their love for weather
  7. Tornado Tim: World famous storm chaser blog with exciting stories about chasing tornadoes
  8. Tornado Project: Gathers, compiles and shares tornado information
  9. Tornado Hunter: Tracks and covers extreme tornadoes around the world
  10. Tornado Facts & Information: Educational resource that shares information and facts about tornadoes

Climate Change

  1. The Climate Reality Project: Turning awareness to climate change all over the world
  2. Climate Links: Global portal that showcases USAID’s work on climate change
  3. Climate Analytics: Brings awareness to human-induced climate change
  4. Citizens’ Climate Lobby: Focuses on national policies to address climate change
  5. Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre: Empowers Caribbean people to act on climate change
  6. Shell Climate Change: Blog about climate change and environmental issues
  7. Climate Dispatch: Forum that discusses climate change and global warming
  8. Eric Grimswud: Considers the implications of climate change
  9. Climate Stories Project: Shares stories about responses to climate change
  10. Campaign Against Climate Change: Pushes for urgent action to prevent the destabilisation of the global climate

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Preparation

  1. Storm Preppers: Tropical storm and hurricane preparedness
  2. Storm Solutions: Hurricane protection solutions in south-west Florida
  3. Hurricane Preppers: Provides pre-hurricane assistance and hurricane supplies
  4. Hurricane Preppers LLC: Delivering after storm assistance and supplies
  5. Hurricane Hunters: Hurricane preparedness and weather guides
  6. Hurricanes by FEMA: Tips about staying safe during a hurricane
  7. Hurricane Prep List: Hurricane and tropical storm preparation guides
  8. National Hurricane Survival Initiative: Creating disaster resilient communities by educating consumers
  9. Survivalist Prep: Preparing for hurricanes and tropical storms
  10. National Weather Service: National hurricane preparedness guides and outlooks

Because Storm Preppers is closely related to tropical weather especially during the Atlantic hurricane season, these are the sites that we rely on for accurate information. Bookmark this page and keep this list of weather websites close to hand.

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