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BELCO is Preparing for An Active Hurricane Season

Storm Preppers - BELCO is Preparing for An Active Hurricane Season

The Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) is preparing for an active hurricane season. The primary electricity provider in Bermuda recently shared useful hurricane preparedness and advice with residents. President of the company, Wayne Caines, advised customers that BELCO is ready for whatever may come. He also encouraged the public to review their plans and take note of the hurricane tips on the BELCO website.

The company begins its preparations several months before the threat of a storm. In the months leading up to the Atlantic Hurricane Season, the company’s Crisis Management Team meets to finalise early planning, order hurricane supplies, and review pre-storm checklists. If a tropical storm or hurricane becomes a threat, the company puts its emergency procedures into action.

Preparing for an Active Hurricane Season

To prepare for the season and to ensure that the occurrences of power outages are kept to a minimum, BELCO recommends the following:

  1. Trim trees: Trees should be trimmed to a minimum of 10 feet away from power lines to prevent an outage;
  2. Stay away from downed wires: Do not move or touch downed wires because they may be live;
  3. Unplug electrical items before the storm: Before the storm hits, unplug all appliances, electronics, and surge protectors;
  4. Contact your doctor: If you are a medical priority customer, speak to your doctor about a plan in case of a power outage.


What is BELCO?
BELCO, the Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited is the sole supplier of electricity in Bermuda. The company is taking all steps that it can to prepare for what may be an active Atlantic hurricane season.

If I lose power during a storm, how long will I have to wait before I get back electricity?
When a storm causes mass power outages in Bermuda, BELCO works to restore main circuits (e.g., essential services and critical infrastructure), branch lines and individual customers.

Does BELCO trim trees?
BELCO ensures that trees are cut back from main line circuits and branch lines. However, they are not responsible for trimming trees on private property.

What should I do if my trees are hitting power lines?
If your trees and foliage are hitting power lines, call BELCO and schedule a power shutdown at least three weeks before you trim them. Their number is 441-299-2800.

Where can I find more information about tropical storm preparedness in Bermuda?
For more information about tropical storm and tropical storm preparedness in Bermuda, please visit the Bermuda Weather Service  and the Emergency Measures Organisation.

Source: Hurricane Preparedness and Advice for Residents (BELCO)

Storm Preppers - Pinterest - BELCO is Preparing for An Active Hurricane Season

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