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Where to Buy Hurricane Resistant Homes

Storm Preppers - Where to Buy Hurricane Resistant Homes

When it comes to purchasing a home in an area prone to hurricanes, it’s important to consider the level of protection your home will provide. Hurricane-proof homes can withstand a tropical storm’s most devastating impacts. These include strong winds, heavy rains, and flying debris. Because they are built tough, hurricane resistant homes are a smart investment for those living in hurricane-prone regions. If you’re in the market for a hurricane-proof home, there are a few key places to start your search.

One option is to look for homes that meet state and country building codes. The strongest building codes for properties in the Atlantic will have strict requirements for hurricane-resistant construction. Another option is to seek out homes that have been certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as meeting their standards for hurricane-resistant construction. Additionally, many home builders now offer hurricane-resistant features as standard options, thus making it easier than ever to find a home that will keep you safe during a storm.

Benefits of Hurricane Proof Homes

When you invest in a hurricane proof home, you are taking the steps needed to protect your family, yourself, your pets, and your belongings. If you live in the tropics and have experienced a tropical storm or hurricane, you fully understand the relief that is felt when you realise that your property survived. For those who came back to a pile of rubble, where your home once stood, that feeling of dread and hopelessness is one that you would not like to experience ever again.

Hurricane Resistant Homes on the Market

When researching hurricane resistant homes on the market, you should look for reputable builders with evidence of the homes that they have built. Always aim to purchase homes that adhere to the building code. This means that the home has been constructed to meet specific requirements for your area and can withstand certain levels of wind and impact. Before you purchase, consult with your local building authority to see what permits are required for the home.

There are several companies that manufacture or build hurricane proof homes. The list includes:

  • Bauhu: Custom-designed, hurricane-resistant modular homes
  • Mighty Small Homes: Hurricane-resistant house kits
  • Katana Eco Houses: Hurricane and earthquake resistant house systems
  • Deltec Homes: Pre-fabricated homes that can withstand hurricane impacts
  • Light Gauge Solutions Inc.: Hurricane proof homes made from light gauge steel
  • Eco Steel: Premier supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings


Bauhu offers a range of hurricane-resistant modular homes and residential developments. Bauhu’s buildings are made from steel and feature impact resistant windows. Buildings are provided as a kit, which allows for assembly on site. Kits include floorplans, assembly guidelines, door and window schedules and a structural design document. All designs are fully compliant with ASCE 7-16 and ASCE7-22, standards by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Home sizes range from 365 square feet to 5,543 square feet and can be used for primary dwellings, multi-family homes or luxury offices. To erect

To find out the cost of hurricane resistant homes by Bauhu or for more information about building plans and kits, visit the Bauhu website.

Mighty Small Homes

Mighty Small Homes are big on energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse emissions. The company manufactures small home kits for assembly by individual homeowners, contractors, or builders. These small homes are hurricane-resistant and utilise structural insulated panels (SIPs) that are made to withstand hurricane force winds of up to 150 miles per hour. Kits include assembly instructions, CAD designs, pre-cut exterior wall and roof panels, window and door openings and fasteners. Home sizes range from 192 square feet to 1,500 square feet and there is also the option to customise your own home.

For more information about pricing, a free estimate, or the hurricane-resistant house kits, visit the Mighty Small Homes website.

Katana Eco Houses

Katana House Eco is a sister concept of the signature Katana House Modern line. The homes are eco-friendly, economical, and efficient. Their designs have specific features which may make them better able to withstand hurricane force winds and impacts. For example, there are less windows, and the roof overhangs are smaller. Homes range from 480 square feet to over 4,000 square feet. There are options to purchase a special shell structure and finish it yourself or a shell only which is a fully installed house shell or kit that only requires final finishes.

For more information about pricing, customisation options, earthquake and hurricane-resistant designs and shipping, visit the Katana Eco House website.

Deltec Homes

Deltec Homes has been designing and engineering homes that can weather the effects of climate change and severe weather. The company offers several home options available in three collections. For each home, Deltec provides the structural shell which is a prefabricated frame that buyers can customise. In order to ensure that their homes are hurricane-proof, the company utilises a specific design that adheres to a specific shape, engineering technologies, materials and connections. The aim behind the design of a Deltec home is to provide a structure that is able to withstand hurricane-force winds, rain, and flying debris.

For more information about pricing, home designs, before and after testimonials, videos about the Deltec design and manufacturing process, visit the Deltec website.

Light Gauge Solutions Inc.

Light Gauge Solutions Inc. is a Barbados-based company that provides housing solutions that can withstand Category 3 hurricanes. The homes, which are constructed out of light gauge steel can also withstand attacks by insects such as termites, rodents, and rot. Light Gauge uses light gauge steel because it is cost effective, strong, sustainable, customisable and allows for speedy construction. This is an affordable option for Caribbean residents who want to purchase hurricane resistant homes that are easy to ship from within the region.

For more information about pricing and home designs, contact Light Gauge Solutions via their Facebook page or LinkedIn page.


EcoSteel is a premier supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings. The company uses commercial grade steel framing wrapped in steel insulated panels for commercial, residential, multi-family or mixed use. One benefit of using EcoSteel is that customers can design their own homes and the company will convert the architectural sketches into the EcoSteel construction systems. The company will work with the client’s architect to finalise the design, framing options and structural components. After that, the steel and wall panels will be fabricated for the home. EcoSteel has 13 shipping points which allow them to reach countries all over the world.

For more information about the process or to get more information about building a hurricane resistant home, contact EcoSteel via their website.

Features of Hurricane Resistant Homes

A hurricane-proof home can provide you with peace of mind during hurricane season. By taking the time to understand the features and benefits of these homes, you can decide if they are right for you and your family.

Some of the key features of hurricane resistant homes are:

  • Wind resistant design
  • Impact resistant windows
  • Reinforced construction

Wind Resistant Design

When considering a hurricane proof home, one of the most important features to look for is a wind-resistant design. This means that the home’s structure can stand up against high winds and strong gusts. A wind-resistant home will have a roof that is firmly attached to the walls and foundation, and walls that are reinforced with steel or other materials. Additionally, the home’s shape and orientation should be designed to minimize wind resistance and deflect wind away from vulnerable areas.

Impact Resistant Windows

Another important feature of hurricane proof homes is impact-resistant windows. These windows can withstand the high winds and flying debris that can accompany a hurricane. They are made of laminated glass that is reinforced with a layer of plastic, which helps to prevent the glass from shattering. Impact-resistant windows are an important safety feature, as they can help to prevent injuries from flying glass during a storm.

Reinforced Concrete Construction

Reinforced concrete construction is another feature to look for in a hurricane proof home. This type of construction involves using reinforced concrete walls and foundation, which are designed to withstand the force of high winds and storm surge. Reinforced concrete homes are also less likely to sustain damage from flooding, as the concrete walls are less porous than traditional building materials.


Here are a few FAQs about hurricane-resistant homes:

What shape is best for hurricane-proof houses?

Homes that are square, circular, hexagonal or octagonal in shape are the best hurricane houses. This is because these shapes can effectively resist excessive wind pressure, and the wind can blow around the home freely.

Where can I buy hurricane-proof house plans?

Hurricane-proof house plans can be purchased from Topsider Homes. However, you will need a qualified building team, who can confirm that the home design meets local code and that it is built properly.

How much does a hurricane-proof house cost?

The cost of hurricane-proof houses varies depending on your location. However, if you are purchasing a prefabricated kit, you should estimate to spend between $150,000 to $400,000.

What is the best foundation for a hurricane-resistant house?

The best foundation for a hurricane resistant home is a foundation of cement blocks, steel and reinforced with poured concrete.

Where can I buy a hurricane-resistant home in Florida?

If you are in Florida, you can buy a resistant home from Florida Green Construction Inc., Capital Homes, and Homes of Merit. You can also order homes from Deltec and Bauhu, and have them shipped to and assembled in Florida.

Where can I find existing hurricane-resistant homes for sale?

Zillow has an extensive database of hurricane resistant homes for sale.

Are there prefab hurricane-proof homes on the market?

Yes. Bauhu, Mighty Small Homes, Katana and Deltec Homes manufacture and sell hurricane-proof homes.

Are there modern hurricane proof houses?

Yes. Katana has some attractive and modern hurricane proof houses. The Katana model can be expanded from a single level home to two levels, duplexes, town homes and villas.

Overall, when looking for a hurricane proof home, it is important to look for a home that features a wind-resistant design, has impact-resistant windows, and uses reinforced materials for construction. By choosing a home with these features, you can help to ensure that your family and property have the protection they need during a hurricane or other severe weather event.

Image: sandid from Pixabay

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